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External Training Workshops

What to expect during standard Ofsted inspections of independent schools

Do you know what to expect? Have you read the inspection handbook? Have you spoken to colleagues who have been inspected or read the inspection reports of other independent schools? Do you have the tools you need to self-audit effectively?

If not, this is workshop is for you. Come to The Studio in Birmingham on the 5th of December 2022. Get: 

  • An overview of Ofsted’s 2019 Education Inspection Framework 

  • A detailed look at what to expect during inspection including the most recent changes made to the inspection handbook

  • Insight from published inspection reports and Headteachers who have been inspected recently

  • Answers to 20 frequently asked questions about inspections*

  • Useful tools for self-evaluation

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How to ensure consistent compliance with the Independent School Standards

The latest Ofsted statistics show that:

• 26% of Independent Schools that had a standard inspection between September 2021 and July 2022 failed to meet the standards.

• 59% of those that had a progress monitoring inspection during the same period failed to demonstrate that they had addressed previously un-met standards.

Through our work with independent schools, we know why schools fail to meet the requirements of the standards. We have developed a proven strategy to ensure consistent compliance. We’re sharing this strategy through this workshop for Headteachers and SLTs.

Find out how to ensure consistent compliance with the independent school standards at this workshop. Come to The Studio in Birmingham on the 12th of December 2022. Get: 

  • an introduction to the Independent School Standards


  • the impact of non-compliance with the standards


  • why a significant number of schools fail to meet the standards and which standards they fail to meet


  • a strategy for ensuring consistent compliance with the standards


  • a useful audit tool

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