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How We’re Dealing With COVID-19

Our COVID – 19 Safety Procedures

Policy Statement


The safety of our customers and employees is of the utmost importance to us at Marell Consulting Limited.


To make sure our customers and employees remain safe and healthy, we follow the government guidelines regarding COVID-19 and where necessary go above and beyond to reassure our clients.

Safety Procedures

Our Director and Managing Consultant who visits schools and facilitates our face-to-face training workshops has had 2 Astra Zeneca vaccinations, 1 Pfizer Booster and can produce an NHS COVID Pass when required.

Our Business Administrator who provides support during face-to-face training events has also been double jabbed.

It is our policy that all staff at Marell Consulting Limited take 2 lateral flow tests every week, and before any school visit, training workshop or work event outside our offices

During school visits, we will bring our own face masks and hand sanitiser and we will follow any additional measures that might be in place to reduce the transmission of COVID-19

During face-to-face training workshops that we host:

  • delegates do not need to bring printed tickets – registration will be done electronically by presenting tickets on mobile phones

  • we will provide plenty of single use masks

  • each delegate will be provided with their own hand sanitiser for the day

  • tables will be arranged to maintain “social distancing”

  • the resources that delegates will use during the event will be emailed to them on the day before the event so they can have a paperless experience. Alternatively, they can print and bring their own copies or if they are happy to do so, they can accept the printed copies we provide.

  • delegates will be asked to provide feedback electronically

  • windows will be kept open throughout the event

  • we will get confirmation from caterers that they will follow the required safety procedures when preparing the food and will continue to do so when they bring in the food and lay it out

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