Who are we? What do we do?

We are specialist consultants who deliver school improvement solutions for independent schools that are inspected by Ofsted. We help schools:

  • recover from Ofsted inspection grades 3 & 4, keep their doors open and continue receiving pupil referrals;

  • consistently improve the quality of education they deliver so they are always inspection ready;

  • achieve Ofsted grades 2 & 1;

  • stay informed about everything that affects independent schools;

  • improve teaching and leadership practice by delivering high quality CPD;

  • save time and reduce the workload of Headteachers and Teachers by developing resources that

Our Mission

To be the go-to company for independent school leaders who aim to consistently deliver an excellent quality of education.

Our Aim

To take away schools’ fear of Ofsted, and create a new reality in which inspection is an opportunity for schools to showcase the work they do.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are:​​​

  • independent schools that are inspected by Ofsted 

  • usually secondary & sixth form schools

  • usually schools whose pupil admissions are exclusively through referral from local authorities, mainstream schools, pupil referral units


Some of our clients are schools based at residential care homes while others are registered as Independent Special Schools.


The majority of our clients' pupils:

  • have SEN and EHC plans, SEMH, Complex Needs

  • present challenging behaviour

  • have had significant gaps in their education in their past

  • do not spend the full 5 years of secondary school with our clients because they are referred in the middle of key stages or because they successfully move back to mainstream schools

To find out what our clients think of us take a look at their testimonials:

Our Director & Main Consultant

Ellen Mukwewa, the Director and main Consultant at Marell Consulting Limited is an education professional with 20 years of experience. Born and educated in Zimbabwe, she trained to become a teacher in Cuba, returned home to teach Chemistry before moving to the UK. In the UK her experience in education was gained within Non-Association Independent School and Independent Learning Provider settings.

Ellen is passionate about developing systems that drive improvement in school settings. She has specialist experience of supporting the leaders of Independent Schools that are inspected by Ofsted to achieve a consistently better quality of education for the pupils they serve. 

The company name, Marell, is a combination of the first 3 letters of her daughters name - Maruwa (meaning flowers in her native tongue) and the first 3 letters of her own name - Ellen.  The company logo was designed by Maruwa.

To find out how Ellen became a School Improvement Consultant visit our blog.

Our Associates & Staff


Marell Consulting Limited works closely with a group of Associates when required to complete big projects or when clients require expertise in the Early Years or Further Education & Skills settings.


All Associates are suitably qualified and each have 20+ years of experience in the education sector. Some of the associates are current or former inspectors trained by Ofsted, TRIBAL and Serco. In addition, some inspectors also have experience of inspecting British schools overseas. All  Associates run their own businesses providing services such as School Improvement Advisor to local authorities; Education Consultant; Inspector; School Improvement Partner.


Our company currently has a staff of 3 - two part-time Administrators and the Director & Main Consultant. Our Administrators are skilled at delivering the wrap around services that ensure the smooth running of the company.

School Improvement Consultants 

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