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Who are we? What do we do?

Marell Consulting Limited exists to support school leaders to do what they do extremely well so that their pupils can excel beyond expectations. We deliver school improvement solutions for independent schools that are inspected by Ofsted, also known as non-association independent schools.


We believe that everyone who works in a school should strive to provide the best quality of education for pupils. We understand that your best today will not be the same as your  best  tomorrow because giving your best depends on your knowledge, skills and motivation at any given time. For this reason, in addition to striving for the best, we believe those who work in schools should find time to improve their knowledge and skills, regularly monitor what they do and figure out ways to do it better. In other words, develop a culture of continuous  improvement.


This is where Marell Consulting Limited comes in. We work in partnership with school leaders to build customised  systems that make it possible for them to:

College Campus

  • provide the best quality of education for their pupils;

  • regularly monitor what they do and;

  • figure out ways to do it better next time.


We know that every school wants great inspection outcomes. We also know that thinking of inspections causes a great deal of stress and sometimes additional workload in preparation. The systems we build with school leaders incorporate the evaluation criteria from Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework and a strategy for ensuring consistent compliance with the DfE’s Independent School Standards. When school leaders and school staff implement these systems, they will always be inspection - ready and therefore feel less stressed about inspections. There will be no need for additional work to prepare for Ofsted.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are:​​​

  • independent schools that are inspected by Ofsted 

  • usually secondary & sixth form schools

  • usually schools whose pupil admissions are exclusively through referral from local authorities, mainstream schools, pupil referral units

  • sometimes schools that serve residential children homes


Some of our clients are registered as Section 41 Independent Special Schools.


The majority of pupils catered for by our clients:

  • have SEN and EHC plans, SEMH, Complex Needs

  • present challenging behaviour

  • have had significant gaps in their education in their past

  • do not spend the full 7 years of primary or secondary school at one school because they are referred in the middle of key stages or because they successfully move back to mainstream schools

To find out what our clients think of us take a look at their testimonials:

A Classroom Lecture

Our Managing Consultant

Hi. My name is Ellen Mukwewa. I am the founder and director

of Marell Consulting Limited. I am driven by the need to do my best in order to excel beyond expectations. Whose expectations? Society’s expectations of what a child raised by a single parent can achieve. This drive has led to my current work as a school

improvement consultant supporting school leaders to do what

they do exceptionally well so that their pupils can excel beyond expectations. Pupils with whom I can relate – as most of them are not expected to achieve much by society.

I have been working in the education sector for 20 years, and for more than half that time I have focused exclusively on independent schools that are inspected by Ofsted.


I hold a B.Ed (Chemistry) from Cuba, a M.Ed (with distinction) from the University of Birmingham and Qualified Teacher Learning & Skills status. I am a Fellow of the Society of Education and Training and have been trained to inspect British Schools Overseas.

Screenshot 2022-04-02 at 16.42.51 2.PNG

The company name, Marell, is a combination of the first 3 letters of my daughters name - Maruwa (it means flowers in my native tongue) and the first 3 letters of her own name - Ellen.  The company logo was designed by Maruwa.

Our Digital Marketing Administrator

Maruwa Mukwewa is responsible for digital marketing and general administration as well as the more creative areas of the business. She is the first port of call when you contact the company and is responsible for organising all events, online and in person.

Our Associates 


At Marell Consulting Limited we are good at what we do but we realise we are not experts at everything. We work closely with a group of 3 consultants who we know and trust. They provide support when we have big projects and we recommend them when our clients require expertise in:

  • residential home settings; 

  • safeguarding;

  • behaviour management;

  • mental well-being;

  • personal & team development for staff

  • Early Years & Foundation Stage.


All associates are suitably qualified and each have 20+ years of experience in the education sector. All  associates run their own businesses.

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