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We support school leaders to do what they do exceptionally well and consistently better. One way we do this is by delivering consulting packages relevant to their needs. 

1. Building Your School Improvement System

Suitable for: Schools that are in good standing with Ofsted

Delivered over:  1 year

All educators want to offer the best quality of education for their pupils but sometimes they struggle to find the time to dedicate to school improvement. We have successfully supported many school leaders to build systems for monitoring their school provision, identifying what can be done better and improving it. The systems incorporate Ofsted’s evaluation criteria and a strategy for consistent compliance with the Independent School Standards so that schools are always inspection ready. The systems are customised to fit the school's normal ways of working to ensure that implementation is easy. This package makes it possible for leasers to stay on top of school improvement no matter how challenging it is to find the time.

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This package includes:

  • a full audit of the provision

  • an evaluation and update of the school’s existing self-evaluation report

  • an evaluating and update of the school’s existing improvement plan

  • support to build a monitoring schedule

  • support to build a customised school improvement system

  • guidance for implementation of the school improvement system

  • 3 “critical friend monitoring” visits to check how effectively the school improvement system is being implemented; to provide professional supervision for the Headteacher; to provide notification of changes that affect independent schools.

2. Maintaining Your School Improvement System

Suitable for: Schools that have completed “Building Your

School Improvement System” package


Delivered over: 1 year

This is a follow up to the “Building Your School Improvement System” package. It includes dedicated support and challenge from a consultant. We have and currently provide dedicated support and challenge to schools through the “Maintaining Your School Improvement School” package. We monitor how well you implement your school improvement system and act as a critical friend to keep you on track.


The package includes 6 school visits – one day every half term and ongoing consultancy. During each visit we will:

  • check evidence of implementation of the school improvement plan

  • check evidence of implementation of the school’s monitoring schedule

  • check how effectively issues identified from the monitoring schedule are being addressed

  • check compliance with the Independent School Standards

  • offer Professional Supervision for the Headteacher

  • provide notification of changes that affect independent schools

3. Post-inspection Recovery


Suitable for: Schools that have been inspected recently and not managed to get a positive outcome.

Delivered over: 6 months

Ofsted statistics show that it is more challenging to bounce back after a poor inspection outcome than it is to get it right first time. Almost 60% of schools fail to demonstrate improvement during progress monitoring inspections. We have successfully supported schools to recover after a poor inspection outcome and get a positive outcome from progress monitoring inspections. This involves addressing the standards that were not met during the last inspection, any qualitative issues that needed improvement and ensuring that the school continues to comply with the rest of the Independent School Standards.

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This package includes:

  • support in compiling a DfE action plan

  • provision of an audit tool for leaders to conduct a self-evaluation of compliance with all the standards

  • support in compiling internal action plan (if required)

  • guidance on the implementation of action plans

  • a mid-point review

  • a final audit to ensure readiness for Ofsted’s progress monitoring inspection

4. Independent School Registration


Suitable for: Those who are starting a new independent school


Delivered over: 3 months

This package is for those who are passionate about education and feel that the current system can be improved. They know they can offer a better provision for pupils or serve a specific group of pupils better than they are currently being served. It is also suitable for those who operate an alternative provision and are required to register as an independent school. A common issue which affects those seeking to start a new independent school and later, school leaders is failing to recognise the importance of compliance with the Independent School Standards. The consequences on non-compliance can be as severe as failing to get the go ahead to open the school or later losing their registration and being asked to close the school.  

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The Independent School Registration package includes:

  • support completing the DfE application form

  • checking the suitability of potential premises

  • compiling the supporting documents required for the DfE application

  • support to demonstrate effectively, how you will comply with the Independent School Standards

  • a full audit to prepare for Ofsted's Pre-Registration inspection

  • an opportunity to spend time with a Headteacher we have supported and a tour of their school

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