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Improve What's Not Working Well

Improve What’s Not Working Well

This is the fourth in our 4-step procedure for promoting excellence.

So how do we go about improving what’s not working? We make robust improvement plans and implement them effectively.

Robust improvement planning

✅ Improvement plans should start with the areas for improvement identified through self – evaluation

✅ Use relevant research to inform improvement actions

✅ Consult those who work in similar schools to find out what has worked for them.

✅ Consult staff members when compiling improvement actions

✅ Ensure that actions on improvement plans are SMART

✅ Consult those who will be responsible for implementing improvement actions to ensure that those actions are achievable and realistic.

✅Circulate the completed improvement plan

Effective Implementation

✅ Link the improvement plan to the performance management process

✅ Delegate a “driver” to ensure that staff implement the actions assigned to them –

✅ Regularly monitor how well the improvement plan is implemented, hold people to account for their actions, record progress

✅ Review the results, summarise improvements, identify areas that still need to be addressed

✅ Circulate the improvement plan each time it is updated

✅ There are detailed documents which expand on the above - you can download them for free from our website here:

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