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An audit tool for use by school leaders to accurately evaluate the extent to which their schools meet the requirements of the Independent School Standards (2014). This tool was created with reference to DfE and Ofsted guidance:


It is written in plain English. Not all of the wording of the standards is included on this document. Instead, for each standard, there is a set of questions that require a yes/no response to determine if your school meets the requirements of the standard.


This audit tool comes in a word and pdf version.


Feedback from Dan Tipp: Director of Belong Learning "We used your independent school standards audit tool recently - very helpful"


Version 9 (a)- September 2023

All updates made in September 2023 are highlighted – some changes are related to updates in the relevant guidance while others have been made to make requirements clearer, to make distinctions between policy and implementation and to hopefully make it easier to use.   It also has this line under paragraph 32 which had been omitted *Information about your school’s remote education provision – get a template here (and there's a hyperlink)

Independent School Standards Compliance Audit Tool

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