School Improvement Partner Package

This package is for schools that are currently ranked Ofsted Good or Outstanding. If you need a critical friend to ensure you don't get complacent; a friend who will provide constructive challenge coupled with support - this is the package for you. Your School Improvement Partner will ensure that you are consistently doing everything better and delivering better value for pupils. They will:

  • Visit your school once or twice a term


  • Ensure you implement your continuous improvement system with consistency


  • Review how well you comply  with the independent school standards


  • Offer support or challenge as required


  • Help you develop partnerships with other schools to share best practice.


They will also provide reports to your board of governors if required – giving independent confirmation of the good work you do. Schools on this package also get 25% off the price of tickets to any of our external training workshops.

School Improvement Consultants 

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