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Toontrack €� Kick Snares EZX (SOUNDBANK)




Both these tracks are bass-heavy, with a strong low-end. Take a listen to "Flight," which starts with a familiarly stomping, basic hip-hop beat with a short (the beat is only about four seconds long) breakdown at 2:19 that has some nasty snares. Track 3 is "At the Speed of Light," a frantic track that keeps with the tempo of its name with some clattering hi-hats. It's funky but it also features some serious cowbell, an offbeat gong, and a snare/cymbal barrage near the end of the track. Track 6, "Grandpa, What Did You Do?" is easily my favorite track on the album. It starts off with a thin piano riff and one of the best guitar riffs of this decade. There's a soft, mellow vocal from the MC, who uses a lot of charm and humor. He refers to flying as "the silent conductor" and "the man who has to keep her in the sky." On to track 7, "Memories of the Future," the mood shifts to a bit more aggressive and thought-provoking. It starts with a languid, moody piano riff over a bass-heavy beat. This track is really an album-opener for me. It begins with a chill-inducing atmospheric intro over a pulsing bassline that has an ineffable allure. As the song progresses, an excellent, guitar-driven raga-like guitar motif appears and the song becomes a full-blown exploration of electronica. The song features bongos and a conga, something you won't find on most albums. It's as if Nymfo sampled some early-'90s techno or '80s house and played with the melody. I can't stop listening to this track. The album closes with track 11, "Traffickers." This track starts with a simple riff, and the snare fires up and up and up as the song goes on, gradually adding more density to the track. This is by far the most aggressive track on the album, and it sounds like it was built to be a club banger. It reminds me a lot of the track "Mysticism," from the underrated Motion Sickness (this is why I love podcasts). I'm a big fan of the dense, club-ready beats of tracks like "Traffickers." In fact, these two tracks are two of my favorite tracks




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