If you have recently been inspected by Ofsted and it didn’t go well, my best advice for you is - get in touch we will help you bounce back quickly. We have done it successfully for every school that has requested this service from us.

For those of you who prefer to address this on your own, here is a strategy you can follow in order to quickly recover from a poor inspection outcome.


Have you ever noticed that independent schools that are inspected by Ofsted do not perform as well as state - funded schools during inspection? While looking at the most recent Ofsted statistics about school inspections ...

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Those who are responsible for evaluating teaching and learning will agree that sometimes teachers fly through the curriculum at speeds that make you wonder how much pupils have learned. I am sure that like me you have seen...

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As a School Improvement Consultant working exclusively with non-association independent schools, I find that a lot of the times the systems, policies and regulations governing education cannot easily be applied...

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On the 20th of November 2018, Ofsted published statistics about the most recent inspection outcomes of non-association independent schools. According to their summary seen above, only 69% of schools managed to get a positive outcome from inspection...

Meeting the requirements of the standards is the single most important mandate for all independent schools.  With this in mind, isn't it surprising that 23% of independent schools did not meet the requirements...

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When evaluating your school’s performance you might compare the outcomes of different groups of pupils; the outcomes of different cohort of pupils and for those who have multiple school sites, the outcomes of pupils at different sites...

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