Here you will find the latest DfE and Ofsted news that has an impact on Non-Association Independent Schools. You will also find relevant articles and blog entries. 

In a climate of constant change, it can be challenging to keep up with it all while managing the daily operations of your school. We will tell you about changes in legislation, guidance, and advice that affects your school through:

  • Brief notifications on Twitter


  • Detailed articles on LinkedIn


  • Monthly newsletters


We will also tell you how the changes will affect your daily operations and what you can do to meet new regulations through customised in-house or external training workshops.

We will tell you about changes in legislation, guidance, and advice that affects Non-Association Independent Schools. Notifications are made via Twitter.

Here you will find a variety of articles about topics that will interest school leaders and teachers. These articles are also featured in our monthly newsletter, on LinkedIn, and on Facebook.

Here you can sign up and also get copies of our monthly newsletter - What's New? Each issue contains news stories, articles, free resources and a book review.

Here you will find a blog about the director of Marell Consulting Limited and interesting stories about her work.

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