Independent School Registration Package

The process of registering an independent school can seem daunting, especially when you think about completing the  application form, planning the curriculum, compiling policies, securing suitable premises and most importantly, demonstrating how you will meet the requirements of the Independent School Standards.

Then there is Ofsted’s pre-registration inspection, if you cannot effectively demonstrate how you will meet the standards during this inspection, the DfE will not register your school. If this happens you cannot open your doors because as you probably know -  it is illegal to run a school without DfE registration.


Wouldn't it be easier to consult someone who has been through the process? Might it also be useful to consult an expert in ensuring compliance with the Independent School Standards? Marell Consulting Limited can give you both. We will even give you a chance to visit a school we have supported so you can talk to the Proprietor. So, if you would like to register an independent school, get in touch with us! We will help you:

  • Complete the application form


  • Check the suitability of potential premises


  • Compile the required supporting documents

  • Demonstrate effectively, how you will comply with the Independent School Standards

  • Get a positive outcome from Ofsted's Pre-Registration inspection

School Improvement Consultants 

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