We know that you are busy professionals and as such, we seek to make your life a little easier. We develop a variety of resources including:

  • Advice & Guidance

  • Templates

  • Checklists

  • Tools


These resources summarise guidance which you might not have time to read in detail; help you synthesise processes such as checking teachers’ planning and are designed to ensure you meet all the relevant regulations.


Some of these resources are

  • free and you will find them below

  • for sale and can be bought from our online shop here: 

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Free Resources & Newsletters

October 2018 Newsletter

This issue includes:

  • "The curriculum and the 2019 Ofsted inspection framework."

  • Model GDPR policies from the DfE

  • Actions you need to take with respect to the updated "Keeping Children Safe in Education."

  • A review of a book titled “Learning how to learn.” by Barbara Oakley, PhD and Terrence Sejnowski, PhD

November 2018 Newsletter

This issue includes:

  • Ofsted news about the 2019 Education Inspection Framework

  • Why some schools fail to comply with the Independent School Standards (2014)

  • Benchmarking - tips for non-association independent schools

  • Free resource - Key Performance Indicators for Self-Evaluation

Lesson Plan Evaluation Template

This template was compiled with reference to the Teachers' Standards and the Independent School Standards. Available as a word document, it offers Headteachers and Senior Managers the flexibility of customising the criteria and the subjects to their requirements.

SOW Evaluation Template

A template for Headteachers to use in the evaluation of schemes of work. This template was compiled with reference to the requirements of the Independent School Standards to ensure that your schemes of work are compliant. Presented as a word document, you can customise it to suit your needs.

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